Who are the ‘Elite London Escorts’?
‘Elite London Escorts’ are member of an international network of High Class Escort Agencies, and some of the agencies have been operating since 1992. ‘Elite London Escorts‘ offers Playmates in major European Cities, and is one of the fastest growing Agencies world-wide.

Are these genuine pictures?
Yes, we guarantee that we only use original and actual photos of our Elite London Escorts and Elite International Escort Girls. The escort that you have chosen from the photo gallery, and once we have confirmed your appointment with her, will be the one who comes to your appointment. Should the girl be unable to make the appointment, due to any reason e.g. accident, illness etc., we will inform you immediately so that you can choose an alternative Escort or of course, you have the right to cancel the appointment.

How can I book an Elite Escort?
Please choose several escorts as your favorite Elite companion, because of availability, or ask our operators by phone or e-mail.

Where do I have to call?
‘Elite London Escorts’ have a local phone no. in the majority of the Western European countries. You can call any phone no. and you will be served 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by our kind operator. Should you be in the same country, do not dial the country code. E.g., if you are in London, you do not have to dial +44.

What information do I have to give for a booking?
‘Elite London Escorts’ needs your real name, address of the meeting point, date and time of the meeting, phone no. to re-confirm, chosen girl and for how long you would like to have the date. If you are staying in a hotel, we also need your room no. as well as the name and phone no. of the hotel. Our operators will re-confirm your booking to your hotel before the Escort girl leaves. Exceptions are international bookings with pre-payments.

What happened with my personal information?
‘Elite London Escorts’ guarantee absolute discretion. Any data, which is gathered for necessary payments and arrangements will not be filed, electronically stored or used in any other way except for the purpose of handling the necessary transactions.

Can I book two or more Elite Escorts together?
Yes, the majority of our Escorts are pleased to visit you with a friend of theirs. It is also mentioned, which Elite Escorts are bi-sexually orientated.

How should I pay?
Please pay within the first 5 minutes of the appointment directly to the Escort girl. We prefer to obtain the amount in cash. We accept GBP, EUR, USD and CHF; please ask for the exchange rate. In some countries we are able to accept all credit cards with an additional 20 % commission charge, minimum GBP 75. However, please check with the operator during the booking.

How much are the travel expenses?
‘Elite London Escorts’ London Escort Agency organises flight tickets for the Escorts. The effective rate will be charged. Of course, our operator will try find the cheapest solution. The rates depend on how long in advance the booking is, and how many places are left etc.

When do I have to do pre-payments?
For international Escorts, a pre-payment is necessary via a bank transfer or through Western Union for the travel expenses (normally flight ticket), and 50 % of the agreed escort fee. Our operators will give you further information. Please note that bank transfer requires at least 1 week. For local escorts e.g. London Escorts you are supposed to pay at the beginning of the date.

Where can I meet the Elite Escort Girl?
You decide where you want to meet your chosen Elite Escort. However, by appointments without pre-payment it has to be a fixed address or hotel. We do not make appointments in restaurants, bars etc. Of course, once you?ve met the girl in your private residence or hotel room, please feel free to go out with her for dinner or to a bar, etc.

What services do the Escort offer?
Our Escorts decide themselves what service they offer and it is mentioned on their portfolio. Normally, our Escort girls are not professionals and usually offer ‘GFE’ (girl-friend-experience). However, please respect it if a girl doesn’t offer a certain service. Gentlemen, thank you for your understanding.

When does the date start?
The date starts from the moment you meet up with the Elite Escort Girl. E.g. when she arrives in your hotel room.

Can I extend a date?
Yes, of course you can extend. Just call our operator to ask if it is possible, and tell her how long you would like to extend your appointment. Please pay the additional fee directly to your Escort.

Can I have the Escort’s no., or meet up with her?
No, it is not allowed for our Escort girls to give their private no., or to meet you without the agency. Please, you don’t do her any favours by asking her.